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These are all the virtual Flash games i found so far, that involve real women (forget that anime-stuff) who follow your commmands. As far as I know, this is the only Page where you find links to really all of them. If this Site is profitable, i will go on and look for more, there are still some in making i know of (a norwegian one for example). Also - if it is worth it - I will take the time and include complete command lists. Until then, just keep on trying or search the web.

The creator is NOT responsible for ANY content in the linked pages.

Virtual Bartender
Tammy is waiting for your orders

Virtual Bartender II
Two girls this time

Virtual Girlfriend
Definitely one of the hottest virtual Girls

Virtual Stripper
Doesn't work sometimes

Virtual Stripper II
Pretty good

Virtual Carwash
3 Girls here, it keeps getting better!

Elita Messenger
She talks back. Scary...

Briana Devil
Full nudity this time, so don't say i didn't warn you

Tooluxe Shop
Need to sign in, not worth if you ask me, others are better

French one, includes Nudity

German, with 3 girls

Virtual Natasha
Virtual Natalie
Both from the same Host, both hot

Not that great to me

you will need to google a random spanish cellphone number to use this. Be creative.

I will add all the commands for these if there are enough people visiting and supporting this page. You see, it is kept very simple, but that leads to a very low rating in search engines. So help it by telling your friends about it, if you want to.